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Fishnets & Malice

A million ways...

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Header was made for me by krysalys!

I have this extended metaphor about how LJ is like Woodstock and we all show up in our Winnebagos (journals) and groove to the music. Sometimes there are cookouts where we sit outside and talk and eat hot dogs. Sometimes we have private parties by invitation only.

I like to have cookouts. I talk a lot in my journal about television and writing and fic. I sometimes have private parties, too, but when I do that, my discussion is about me and my life and I usually just invite my friends because a) it's boring to the rest of the world (trust me), and b) it's personal and restricted to people I have talked to in venues other than the cookout. I'm open to a more casual, open kind of conversation in cookouts and keep my neuroses under lock and key as much as I can.

Also, my very best friends have assured me that my turnaround time for answering comments is atrocious so if I haven't responded, please don't read that as a slight. Because I really am Just That Bad.

Writing Update: 1/5/10 - I can haz internets! \o/ Writing to resume soon. I hope.