Smitty (smittywing) wrote,

Failing at Fandom

Whew. So, that was what, six months or so?

So, I started a new job. I went to New Orleans, New York, Dallas, and India. And New Jersey a couple of times. On Friday, I go back to India for three weeks. I'm really kind of looking forward to 20 hours of travel and three weeks of minimal social life (I say that, and now everyone there is going to have someplace awesome to show me, which I'm all about, I swear) because I am really kind of tired. And I want to read some stuff. And maybe write some stuff.

Also I may have fallen into a Captain America: The Winter Soldier pit and been unable to find my way out. Because yeah. I liked that movie. I liked Guardians of the Galaxy, too, although I'm not sure how to interpret the fact that the majority of my feels were about the raccoon. And honestly, I did not know I had so many feels to be had for Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes. And Sam Wilson. I knew I had that many feels for Natasha Romanoff.

In other news, Trader Joes now sells Chicago-style popcorn and it is almost a perfectly equal proportion of cheddar corn to caramel corn. I am doomed.

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