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I'm behind on posting every day, but overall I feel like I made a lot of progress toward re-engaging with my fannish friends, which was the ultimate goal. I may post a lot over the next couple days, especially if I am feeling chatty about Sleepy Hollow, but I could just as easily get distracted again. ;)

The latest public shooting you may have seen was at a mall in Maryland, yesterday. That's one of the places I go a lot. And my friends and certain members of my family go. I'm a little freaked out about that, although possibly not as much as I should be. Like, I actively feel weird that I'm not more freaked out. When I heard about it, it was all over, and the names of the victims had already been published and I didn't know them. I guess that it was already in the past helps explain the dissociation a little bit. Maybe it feels like lightning doesn't strike twice so now it's perfectly safe to go again? Ugh, I don't know. I have no plans to shop up there any time soon so I guess I can delay that particular bit of navel-gazing indefinitely.

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Tags: comeback of the year
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