Smitty (smittywing) wrote,


The interview process is actually over, yay! Aaaand they made me an offer, yay! Aaaand I counteroffered. Which I have never done before, because it's kind of my policy not to argue with people who want to give me a job. But I've also been reading a lot of finance stuff and one of the new ways to blame gender pay inequality on women is to say that we don't negotiate our starting salary or raises. So. Here I am. I am sure it will be fine and not cause any strife or whatever and they will call me back tomorrow with either great news or to say, "Sorry, we can't do it," and I'll just say, "I'll just take the original offer, then," but in the meantime, I am kind of freaking out a little. Ugh, life, why so hard?

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Tags: comeback of the year
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