Smitty (smittywing) wrote,


I have some catching up to do.

1) Answer all the comments.
2) Write four more posts.
3) Call my grandfather, who turned 92 today.
4) Yet another work assignment I'm not quite sure how to do but have set an artificial deadline of midnight for myself.
5) Die of the plague. Every time I think I'm about to get really sick this winter, I sleep a lot and magically get better, except for one of the times, but even that was over relatively quickly. So this might just be a false alarm again but my throat feels pretty gummy so I'm displeased about that.

In better news, I will be hanging with my nephew tomorrow, I have just spent a week with my (apparently) significant other (who lives a thousand miles away), and the last interview went well. No offer yet, though.

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Tags: comeback of the year
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