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Posting early today because I have stuff tonight, and skipping ahead in line to [personal profile] shetiger because I know that rage that is, "WHERE ARE MY AWESOME LADIES, [INTERNET PLATFORM OF YOUR CHOICE]???"

So I will talk about the Mills sisters in Sleepy Hollow.

ABBY. So, because I rewatched the pilot this weekend, I was reminded that Abbie was slated to go to Quantico and YOU KNOW, THEN THE FBI. So she's crazy smart, in great shape, and managed to impress some fairly important people. Sheriff's deputies from sleepy little hamlets don't generally get into the FBI unless they blow people away. Also, she had a keen sense, even as a kid, of how your actions affect how people treat you - she knew telling the truth about what she saw in the forest would lead to problems, so she denied it. And later she knew that Corbin was right about her prospects if she kept acting out so she turned her behavior around and became this person who gets invited to Quantico.

I love that she knows she did wrong by her sister and when she has the proof to back it up, she goes to Jenny and admits her fault. (I think she apologized? I'd have to rewatch that ep for sure.) I love that she still tried to protect her sister, is still trying to do the things to make it right, and knows she isn't really there yet.

Also it makes me happy when she gives Ichabod what for, because that boy thinks he is super liberal and he is nothing of the sort by modern definition but she sees family in him, too, and she's going to fix him, she is.

JENNY. Crud, I am out of time, but I will talk about Jenny in an addendum. Because holy crap, she is amazeballs. And tries to cook Thanksgiving dinner even though she is slotted into the "badass" category and even though it's going to suck, she is doing it to do her part in helping to knit their found family together and I promise, I will be back with more awesome.

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