Smitty (smittywing) wrote,

[Gateverse Remix] Socially Acceptable Behavior (The White Men Can't Rap Remix)

HA! Now that LJ will FINALLY let me post!

eleveninches, I am very very very very sorry for being so very very very very late with this.

Seriously, to remix one of eleveninches's stories, I basically had 3 choices: Play it straight (boring!), hit up the angst (not my thing, so much), or find a way to truly salute the cracktasticness of Them Other Boys Don't Know How to Act. I chose the latter.

Title: Socially Acceptable Behavior (The White Men Can't Rap Remix)
Author: Smitty
Rating: Oh, it's NC-17.
Original Story: Them Other Boys Don't Know How to Act by eleveninches. It was an honor and a pleasure and once again...I'm sorry. Possibly for more than being late.
Notes: Many thanks for wychwood for the fantastic check on my rhythm and syllables, wojelah for getting me through the end when my brain failed, and reccea and raisintorte for listening to me whine and carry on.

Ladies and Germs, I proudly present, in complete limerick form:

Socially Acceptable Behavior (The White Men Can't Rap Remix)Collapse )
Tags: fic, sga
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Deleted comment

Yay, thank you!
I have no words.

*beams* I am flattered. Thank you!
You are brilliant. Seriously. Brilliant. You win Remix. Forever. Limericks FTW!
*blush* Thank you! It was a blast. :)
Thank you so so much! *beams*
Holy crap. You are the best person EVER. I really loved the whole Radek/Elizabeth section, ahaha. Though I think my favorite two bits were:

He got through his first screw
Without too much ado

And of course THE BEST ONE:

"My desire for ass is
"Much less than Lance Bass's!"

Seriously, I almost fell out of my chair laughing. And will probably laugh even more when I re-read this while not suffering from extreme sleep deprivation. H'oh man. I hope you don't mind if I rec this, also, 'cause I don't think I can stop myself. XD
Oh yay, I am so glad you enjoyed it! And I'd be very flattered to have it recced, thank you!

Thank you! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. :D
You win at the internets.
Thank you! And thank you, too, for the extra time and encouraging me to keep going with this when I was all, "I'm not following the RULES, OMG." ;)
*beams* Thanks!

Deleted comment

Aw, that's okay - it was kind of a terrifying project and I know after I got halfway through, I couldn't even tell what was in rhythm and what wasn't. :)

Oh. My. God. This has made my LIFE. You are some kind of rhyming genius. XD
Haha, AWESOME. Thank you. :D By the end, my brain was so muddled up, I was rhyming within the limericks and made wojelah help me end it!
Ok, I'm a lurker, I don't comment on anything, but I'm seriously sitting at work trying not to fall off my chair laughing. THAT WAS AWESOME!!! I loved it all, but I seriously think my favourite part is the last two verses - John stealing his fries and CAPSLOCK!Rodney in limerick form = gold.
oh, the crack it is so, so, SHINY.
But John didn't seem to be violent.
In fact, he was transfixed and silent.
Then he kissed Rodney's mouth
And headed due south,
And Rodney was strangely compliant.

I'm kind of in love with that stanza. And all of the other ones. I think I may have scared the neighbors with my hysterical laughter, but it was worth it. :) win at EVERYTHING EVER.
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