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[SGA fic] The Best Things in Life are Free [Complete]

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The Best Things in Life are Free

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The Best Things in Life are Free

Fandom: SGA, High School AU
Pairing: McKay/Sheppard, with all the twists and turns and pitstops along the way that make high school so embarrassing to talk about twenty years later.
Rating: NC-17
Length: 100,000 words, give or take
Summary: Hopeless geek Rodney McKay offers high school quarterback John Sheppard $1000 to make him cool. A story about growing up, finding out who you are, and deciding what you're going to do about it.

Disclaimer: The characters and concepts belong to MGM and the Sci-Fi Channel (SGA) and Touchstone Pictures (Can't Buy Me Love). Several of the lines used come from one source or the other, but I'm pretty confident in saying those make up less than 1% of the story. This story was a labor of love and no money was made from its distribution.


This story would not exist without the help and friendship of many people. miss_porcupine plied me with music and food and sat me in her big brown chair and demanded I write. She provided the soundtrack I used for months and months and am using as I write this. raisintorte helped me brainstorm over lunch, over AIM, and over a really strange dinner at which the people behind us thought we were eavesdropping on their dating foibles when really we were plotting terrible things with Vala. lilac_way read and previewed and offered advice and insight and kept me sane when Real Life was kicking my ass. She and shetiger deserve special thanks for reading the whole sucker all the way through to police the internal continuity. Any remaining mistakes on that front are mine. z_rayne adopted both me and this story early on and kept us both on track. diglossia and forcryinoutloud provided coverart, linked below. monanotlisa and zee made icons and kitt and pentapus contributed art. And a special thank you for everyone who read this story in pieces and hung in there anyway. You comments and encouragment kept me going.

But the person I really owe is reccea. From concept to coding, she was right there to beta the entire massive thing, write me future fic, calm me down when I was throwing fits, cheer me up when I was emo, and jump up and down with me when I finished. This story is as much hers as it is mine and there's no way I can thank her enough. *hugs*

Growing up is hard and today it's even harder, with all the mixed messages and media input teenage girls are subject to every day. Their mothers are working longer hours to be strong but absent role models, and their teachers are saddled with overflowing classrooms and directives that prevent them from pushing the the limits of their brightest students. Big Brothers Big Sisters is probably the best known mentoring organization in the US, but many corporations and local governments have their own mentoring programs. Pre-teen and teenage girls don't see legislation - they see people. Let them see you.

14Valentines: V-Day

Tags: 14valentines, fic, sga, tbtilaf
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