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I have a bag of M&Ms and I'm not afraid to use them...

Gmail is working on a two-hour time delay and I woke up this morning with the distinct sensation that I'd been kicked in the ovaries by someone wearing a very large and heavy boot.

On the plus side, I wrote 2,000 words of fic last night and have the first three scenes of part 8 completely done.

melagan is hosting the John Sheppard That Things We Don't Talk or Hug About Meme on her journal. On one hand, I find the premise riotously funny and really promising for clever compliments. On the other, the reality seems to be a lot lower key and with the prospect of visiting my family (who can collectively out-passive-aggress John Sheppard any day of the week) coming up, the prospect of more non-committal grunts is not tripping my trigger tonight.

But I love John Sheppard so let's do this instead: Give me a prompt and I'll write you a few lines of Sheppard. It can be a setting at some point in his life (kindergarten, flight school, Antarctica), a person, an event, an episode, another fandom, a riff off a fic, anything. Not ficlets, not drabbles, just a couple of lines, no quality assurance, no promises, nothing. Just a little Sheppard love while I'm hanging out and fussing with other things.
Tags: fandom, ficlets, meme, sga, whining, writing
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