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[SGA fic] One to Let Go (Weir/Sumner)

raisintorte had her one-year LJversary yester - *checks watch* - on Monday. And she and I have been adoring this picture for so long, that I finally broke down and wrote her Weir/Sumner. It was supposed to be a PWP of 4-5 pages and, well, we all know that doesn't happen to me.

Title: One to Let Go
Rating: Adult (explicit sex)
Wordcount: 10,680
Pairing: Weir/Sumner, Pre-Atlantis

Summary: "May take two to tango, but boy it takes one to let go."
- Letters from the Wasteland, The Wallflowers

Notes: Many thanks to miss_porcupine and lilac_way for audiencing this when it was making me kick things, reccea for a lengthy and difficult beta in one night, and my whole friends list for listening to my whine this week. Pbbt, and it's one of those days: silentfire came up with Sumner's nickname in another post. Thanks!

One to Let GoCollapse )
Tags: fic, sga, weir/sumner, writing
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