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Disco Inferno! (sans Disco)

Contains spoilers for SGA Season Two through 2x19, Inferno, and the SG-1 episodes 48 Hours and Redemption.

"There's plenty of time to open a hyperspace window!"

Oh, Rodney! I started watching SGA with no prior knowledge of SG-1 but once I saw 48 Hours and Redemption, I have to admit that I sort of missed the Walking Ego that was Dr. Rodney McKay in his entirety. As the commentary of Rising points out, yes, Siberia taught him a lesson, and even as early as Redemption, we see him start to mature and acknowledge his limitations (which have been continually challenged on Atlantis, and that's a pretty interesting development). But oh, wow was that line just fantastically reminiscent of The Ass That Walks Like a Man. I have Great Love.

Rodney solution is fantastic, too, not just for its brilliance but because a hyperspace window is exactly how the SGC got rid of the overloading Stargate in Redemption so of course it's an experience he could draw on to solve this problem. This is the best sort of continuity ever.

I could speak intelligently on this if I was not so full of squee. Other notes, not necessarily coherent:

Yes, yes, I would be clinging to Colonel Hottie, too, if my job was to be on the cover of Taranis Science Weekly. I continue to be confused at the attempt to sex up Sheppard. I could kind of buy it through The Tower. At least the women he was having chemistry (or not) with met the same vague physical description by some common denominator. The last couple of blondes seem way more up Rodney's alley and this "sudden distraction in the face of danger" is not particularly - okay, fine, it IS amusing, but really, Sheppard is control freak enough that it should be out of character. (Except this, by definition, is in character because it's the canon so...this leads to my confusion.) If they're trying to sell him as Kirk, or at least set him up for ribbing from Rodney, they're going about it the wrong way. (Getting better, though.) As many have pointed out, Kirk was a seducer, Sheppard...never sees it coming. I keep thinking that there must be some sort of resolution to this trend, that they're trying to prove something, set up a big revelation about how he's trying to pretend he's not hot for Teyla or bring back Chaya for the big season blowout or something, but I just don't see that happening.

(Incidentally, that's the only explanation that really works for me - that Sheppard is hot for Teyla or even for Elizabeth and after the uncomfortable revelations of The Long Goodbye, he's trying to find ways around facing those feelings. Which doesn't explain the Tower except maybe he started early. And wow, how adorable were Ronon and Teyla leaning against each other and how much would I love for John to drag Teyla aside in the season finale and confess his feelings for her only to have her pat him on the shoulder and gently explain that she's been fucking Ronon since Condemned but that she's very flattered and she hears Dr. Brown is free. Yeah, I know, never going to happen, but I am now utterly enthralled of the idea.)

I liked Caldwell again here, frustrated with Sheppard's way of doing things, not because he dislikes Sheppard personally or by any ambition of his own, but because Sheppard's style of "all or nothing" leaves Caldwell unable to do anything useful. Sheppard wins a lot, and when he wins, he's spectacularly successful. But the chance that his plan is a spectacular failure is just as likely, if not more, and to stand by helplessly and wait for his luck to win once more is understandably difficult.

Anyone interested in Sheppard's "cult of personality" can watch him manipulate Rodney all over the map here. He goes through every trick in the book to play to Rodney's personality, leading by manipulation rather than authority.

I totally want to know what Rodney's second choice for the ship was going to be, especially after John knew it was going to be Enterprise. (Also, so cute that John got to sit in the captain's chair. Because he is The Man.

Chuck Tech is in sore need of an actual name. I've been calling him Campbell in fic for as long as I've had to use him, but only because it's the actor's real name.

There was a bit in Hive where Elizabeth pointed out that they could use the Wraith's division to their advantage and Caldwell sort of makes a noise. There was discontent that his strategic experience was downplayed to make Elizabeth look good, but I read it as that fact being obvious to him and he was impressed that she picked up on it. *shrug* Whichever, I'm really kind of proud of her here (and that's not something I say often) with regard to the impending danger. She's quiet and determined and ready to stand her ground. She seems much more willing to do what's necessary to fight and less high-minded about the rules of theoretical war. I think the first siege drove home to her the realities of battling an enemy that is literally fighting for its food source, and that her people will die if they don't put forth all they have. This entire season has been demonstrating ways her command has been sacrificing rules of engagement for continued survival - the threatened torture of Kavanagh, the continuing saga of Beckett's retrovirus, the subvesion of the Genii command.

I think this one's going to end with a bang.

PS: My gmail address refused access all day, so if you sent me something, it should be coming back to you soon.

PPS: I'm trying to plot out a fic based on The Long Goodbye. I'm remembering why I hate writing things with plots.
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