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SGA fic: The Best Things in Life Are Free [Complete]

AKA: The Can't Buy Me Love fic. This is going to be the link post so I don't have to put in crazy number of links and comments and all.

The Best Things in Life are Free (entire file on my website)

Right, so what happened was that I was bitching to reccea that the nebulous THEY had remade Can't Buy Me Love which is nowhere near old enough to be remade. Because I saw it. In 1987. Or later, because it was on video, but STILL. And she hadn't seen it so I started telling her about it and the next thing I know, she's saying, "You know what that sounds like?" And well.

So she demanded that I start this thing while I was trapped in an internetless hotel room and five weeks and fifty pages later, I've annoyed her enough that she said, "Just post some of it, so you'll be happy."

This story would literally not exist with reccea. Not only did she pester me into writing it, she's beta'd every bit of it, begged for scenes, demanded to know what happened next, and kicked my ass when I moped. (Apparently I mope a lot when writing long stories.) She also wrote me fic. z_rayne saw this at the beginning and had nothing but encouragement and bribes for me. miss_porcupine believed the advertising and volunteered to read through everything I coughed up. ;) monanotlisa wrote me comment porn and made fantastic High School AU! icons. (Look at teenage!Rodney!) And all ya'll commented and put forth enough guilt encouragement to keep me going. Thank you. :)

Part One - In which John completely screws up and Rodney doesn't spend his money

Part Two - In which John makes Rodney cool. Well, almost.

Part Three - In which John takes Rodney to the Big Kid party and Rodney sticks his foot in his mouth. Again.

Part Four - In which it is all academic anyway.

Part Five, Subsection A, B, C - In which John gets Rodney to a) Skip school, b) Alter a test, c) Hustle pool, d) all of the above.

Part Six, Subsection A, B - In which John and Rodney go on a date without knowing it.

Part Seven, Subsection A, B, C - In which the results say everyone's gay and in some cases may be true.

Part Eight, Subsection A, B - In which John and Rodney go to a dance, but not together. There's something wrong with this picture.


Life Lived As a John Hughes Movie by z_rayne is a very hot, very sweet, little coda to Part One. (Adult)

AU Comment Porn by monanotlisa is a lovely gift extropolating from the end of Part Two.

More AU Porn from monanotlisa! A little bit of porn, a little bit of angst - a splinter universe "morning after" from part 5.

Beneath the Blue Suburban Skies is a future story I wrote to follow up on part 3. It's pretty much all porn. :)

Reunions are for Boasting by reccea is something she wrote for me when I couldn't sleep one night and was entirely verklempt for it. It's set nine years in the future when they're happy, but not perfect.

It's Been A Long Cold Lonely Winter is a little future piece I did. It's mostly fluff and porn.

Dear John and Other Theses by reccea is a future fic, inspired by a discussion we had about John and Rodney's future together.

Five Things You Won't Learn About Will Sheppard From The Best Things in Life are Free is an unsolicted "Five Things..." I did when I was feeling self-indulgent one night.

Five Times Rodney Doesn't Have Sex with John in TBTILAF-verse as requested by tx_tart.


Coverart by diglossia
Coverart by forcryinoutloud
TBTILAF scenes by kitt
John & Rodney chibis by pentapus
Totally 80s Teyla chibi by pentapus

It's worth mentioning that sprinkled throughout the story are a handful of lines lifted from the movie and possibly a few lines (or at least tropes) from the SGA canon. Obviously these do not belong to me. They're pretty much there to pay homage to the source material and bring down the prose a few notches - that movie was terrible. ;) (And yes, I loved it anyway until I grew up and knew enough to be horrified.)

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Tags: fic, sga, tbtilaf
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