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SGA Fic: Straight On 'Til Morning

So I decided that I needed to write Stargate: Atlantis fic. Don't ask me why.

Title: Straight On 'Til Morning
Author: Smitty
Rating: It's practically on the show anyway. Set right immediately post 1.06: Childhood's End and might have spoilers for that episode.
Pairing: McKay/Sheppard
Assorted Ramblings: reccea walked me through this story every step of the way. She weathered my fits, fixed my tenses, rearranged my paragraphs, and pretty much ignored my temper tantrums until I just sucked it up and fixed whatever it was that was making me mad. All the good lines belong to her. She is fantastic. Thanks also go to kerithwyn for fixing my lingering tense issues even though she doesn't watch the show or know who anyone is, and greenygal for making me watch "Siege, Part II" last spring which left me going, "Dude, that guy with the dark hair is cute. He's not really going to die, is he?"

Straight On 'Til MorningCollapse )
Tags: fic, sga
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