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Fishnets & Malice
A million ways...
31st-May-2016 03:22 am - Insomiac Theater
Does anyone still use this thing? I have been informed that fandom has Moved to Tumblr so I moved too but since I don't really make gif sets, I'm not entirely sure what to do there.

This situation is not helped by work being stupid, my commute being lengthy, and my niece and nephew being super adorable and interesting.

So what up, LJ?
5th-Aug-2014 09:23 pm - Failing at Fandom
Whew. So, that was what, six months or so?

So, I started a new job. I went to New Orleans, New York, Dallas, and India. And New Jersey a couple of times. On Friday, I go back to India for three weeks. I'm really kind of looking forward to 20 hours of travel and three weeks of minimal social life (I say that, and now everyone there is going to have someplace awesome to show me, which I'm all about, I swear) because I am really kind of tired. And I want to read some stuff. And maybe write some stuff.

Also I may have fallen into a Captain America: The Winter Soldier pit and been unable to find my way out. Because yeah. I liked that movie. I liked Guardians of the Galaxy, too, although I'm not sure how to interpret the fact that the majority of my feels were about the raccoon. And honestly, I did not know I had so many feels to be had for Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes. And Sam Wilson. I knew I had that many feels for Natasha Romanoff.

In other news, Trader Joes now sells Chicago-style popcorn and it is almost a perfectly equal proportion of cheddar corn to caramel corn. I am doomed.

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31st-Jan-2014 01:08 am - 21/31
Where can I find stories about the moon and its influence on women? Folk tales or myths or whatever? Internet, find me things, stat!

This is totally werewolf related.

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30th-Jan-2014 08:09 am - 20/31
Things you never knew you wanted: Wil Wheaton (and his wife!) modeling steampunk.

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28th-Jan-2014 01:58 am - 19/31

Thank you for not sucking for one episode this season! (Okay, some of them have had great parts but overall, OMG, shoot this show, already.) Also can we talk about how much I love the mother? When we first saw her, I was like, "Yeah, you have a lot to live up to, lady." But tonight's episode rocked. (Also the scene in an earlier one where Ted saw her pull a croissant crumb out of her bra to eat it because c'mon, 2-second rule.)


PS: If she doesn't have a name by the season finale, we will talk, Carter Bays. We will talk.

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26th-Jan-2014 11:35 pm - 18/31
I'm behind on posting every day, but overall I feel like I made a lot of progress toward re-engaging with my fannish friends, which was the ultimate goal. I may post a lot over the next couple days, especially if I am feeling chatty about Sleepy Hollow, but I could just as easily get distracted again. ;)

The latest public shooting you may have seen was at a mall in Maryland, yesterday. That's one of the places I go a lot. And my friends and certain members of my family go. I'm a little freaked out about that, although possibly not as much as I should be. Like, I actively feel weird that I'm not more freaked out. When I heard about it, it was all over, and the names of the victims had already been published and I didn't know them. I guess that it was already in the past helps explain the dissociation a little bit. Maybe it feels like lightning doesn't strike twice so now it's perfectly safe to go again? Ugh, I don't know. I have no plans to shop up there any time soon so I guess I can delay that particular bit of navel-gazing indefinitely.

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23rd-Jan-2014 03:23 pm - 17/31
Victory! They didn't move on the base salary but offered a signing bonus so I took it. It was more than I would have gotten without asking, right? Also, I got a fabulous welcome/introduction email from the team leader, copying the team, and just about everyone on the cc sent me a "hi!" or a "welcome aboard!" or some nice little message. It was really great.

Thank you, everyone who cheered for me last night when I was feeling fidgety. I'm feeling pretty good now, and waiting for my mom to call me back so I can tell her the good news. :D

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22nd-Jan-2014 11:13 pm - 16/31
The interview process is actually over, yay! Aaaand they made me an offer, yay! Aaaand I counteroffered. Which I have never done before, because it's kind of my policy not to argue with people who want to give me a job. But I've also been reading a lot of finance stuff and one of the new ways to blame gender pay inequality on women is to say that we don't negotiate our starting salary or raises. So. Here I am. I am sure it will be fine and not cause any strife or whatever and they will call me back tomorrow with either great news or to say, "Sorry, we can't do it," and I'll just say, "I'll just take the original offer, then," but in the meantime, I am kind of freaking out a little. Ugh, life, why so hard?

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19th-Jan-2014 06:32 pm - 15/31
I have some catching up to do.

1) Answer all the comments.
2) Write four more posts.
3) Call my grandfather, who turned 92 today.
4) Yet another work assignment I'm not quite sure how to do but have set an artificial deadline of midnight for myself.
5) Die of the plague. Every time I think I'm about to get really sick this winter, I sleep a lot and magically get better, except for one of the times, but even that was over relatively quickly. So this might just be a false alarm again but my throat feels pretty gummy so I'm displeased about that.

In better news, I will be hanging with my nephew tomorrow, I have just spent a week with my (apparently) significant other (who lives a thousand miles away), and the last interview went well. No offer yet, though.

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16th-Jan-2014 01:08 am - 14/31
1) So, so behind.

2) 4th interview is tomorrow. (Well, the sun-up side of today, since I guess it's the 16th now.)

3) I am trying to get a work thing done that is taking forever and I'm not entirely sure I'm doing it right and um, anyone particularly good at responses to interrogatories out there? You could PM me?

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13th-Jan-2014 02:01 pm - 13/31
Posting early today because I have stuff tonight, and skipping ahead in line to [personal profile] shetiger because I know that rage that is, "WHERE ARE MY AWESOME LADIES, [INTERNET PLATFORM OF YOUR CHOICE]???"

So I will talk about the Mills sisters in Sleepy Hollow.

Assume spoilers for Sleepy Hollow 1x10: The GolemCollapse )

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13th-Jan-2014 02:32 am - 12/31
I really should have done that "talk about anything" meme because I am totally drawing a blank on what to post about today and also I am up at 3am, WTF. Are there things people want to hear about?

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12th-Jan-2014 02:08 am - 11/31
Things watched tonight with [personal profile] greenygal:

* Disney's "Robin Hood"
* Arrow 1x01
* Scooby Doo: Mystery Inc. 1x01
* Sleepy Hollow 1x01
* Justice League Unlimited: Double Date (possibly Best Episode Ever)
* A thing where nerd dudes despaired over the terribleness of the 1997 Justice League movie. 'Fess up, who's seen it? (The movie/unaired pilot, not the thing with dudes making fun of it.)

Also I realized I have four more icon spaces on DW. Should I move old ones over or find new ones? I don't even know where you find icons anymore. Tragedy.

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11th-Jan-2014 12:56 am - 10/31
So, at some point during the first season of Elementary, I decided that it would be awesome if Gregson had met BBC's Greg Lestrade while he was working with Scotland Yard and they hooked up. And then sort of called each other to talk over cases when there was really no one else to talk to, and when Elementary-Sherlock moved to New York, BBC-Lestrade called Elementary-Gregson and was like, hey, our buddy's coming your way. Maybe you can throw some cases his way, yeah?

I kind of got jossed by the awesomeness that is Cheryl Gregson, and to a lesser extent (because meh) by the Elementary-Lestrade from 2x01. But I might still write it as an AU. Or something.

Lestrade/Gregson SnippetCollapse )

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10th-Jan-2014 01:19 am - 9/31
Mmmph. Still haven't replied to things. I blame the lure of tumblr. I'm staring to find Benedict Cumberbatch attractive, which I hadn't really before. Dammit, interwebs!

In other news, the interview went well, but I may have to meet with two other people. Which is probably a good sign, but will be interview #4, so I'm getting a little antsy.

I will answer things as soon as I have a working draft of that thing I'm supposed to be doing. SIGH.

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