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8th-Jan-2014 04:29 pm - 8/31
I sort of haven't logged into Twitter in about two years and it seems that my account was hacked. About 20 minutes ago, my account started posting some messages in Russian and since my Russian is limited to "glasnost" and "dosvedanya", clearly something happened. I also seem to be following 802 accounts, which is not right. I will be unfollowing quite a few of them in the next few days. If I accidentally unfollow you, it's probably not intentional!

Maybe this is a clue I should be paying attention to Twitter. The chances of my actually tweeting anything are probably slim but I'm (dum dum dum!) smittywing. Thanks to those who sent me a heads-up!

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8th-Jan-2014 12:34 am - 7/31
Thank you to everyone who responded to last night's post! I very much appreciate all the links and personal experiences and virtual hugs. I spent a lot of today reading them and thinking, and also catching up on sleep and reading a book just because I wanted to.

I have a work project I need to put some hours into tomorrow and a big interview on Thursday to prepare for so it might be a couple days before I can answer directly but I am not freaking out and I know I can do it on Thursday and it will be fine. So, yeah. It's a start anyway.

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7th-Jan-2014 12:15 am - 6/31
In the last couple of months, two of my closest friends have told me that I am too hard on myself. And not in the joking, casual way, but in that, "If this was How I Met Your Mother, this would be an intervention" kind of way. [personal profile] reccea threatened me with a daily affirmation calendar. ;)

It's true that have always been kind of hard on myself and more so lately because I did something wrong and am kind of disappointed in myself. I know for a fact that a bunch of you out there are just as rough on yourselves as I am on me...(I have seen your journals!) So, how do you cut yourself some slack? I need better coping mechanisms.

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5th-Jan-2014 11:34 pm - 5/31
Day Five and already behind! But that's okay, because I'll have some time tomorrow to catch up on comments.

Thanks to everyone who is following me on tumblr! I shall follow you back and we can all reblog gif sets together. Probably tomorrow because I am already tired.

I am so not interesting tonight but I had a great weekend of dogs and football and nephew, and now I plan to stay in my house for 3 days straight because OMG, what is this weather? (I know those of you from Minnesota and Wisconsin and the like are laughing at me but I am a delicate flower and am very pathetic wrapped up in hoodies and sweaters and blankets.)

Um, I know! Who remembers bitty fic? I...need to go look up the rules. Hold on.

Okay, I'm back! Last bitty fic was almost 2 years ago? Really? Eugh.

The rules of bitty fic, if you haven't seen them before, is that you give me a prompt of a character or pairing and a word, event, episode, etc., and I write a fic in 10 words, haiku, or limerick. It's kind of lame, admittedly, but you've got a far better chance of getting an answer than you would if we go for the regular drabble prompts, which tend to result in me going, "Oh, this would make a GREAT 20K word fic..." and never getting done. :) Regarding fandoms - for bitty fics, if I know the names of the characters, I can probably cough something up. So fly free.

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5th-Jan-2014 12:44 am - 4/31
Watching the Eagles game tonight was like going on a date with an ex-boyfriend and thinking, "Oh yeah. This is why we broke up."

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3rd-Jan-2014 11:38 pm - 3/31
3 days of success!

So this Tumblr thing. I have one. I have even reblogged a few things. And I like reading it! But there are things that puzzle me.

1) How do you put in the box where people can ask you questions off-tumblr? Or is it not really off-tumblr? Do I just have the wrong theme? Probably I could solve this problem myself by reading an FAQ or googling, but I'm not even sure what search terms to use? Or maybe I'm just a weenie.

1a) Tangentially related, why is my Dreamwidth title and links all out of whack? Did I mess up my html? Did they mess up my html? Were they always that font/color? Yikes, I've really been out of it.

2) So. Fic. It looks like people either just post a link to AO3, make some kind of page you can hide lots of text behind (how do you do this?) or just post a whole fic in a post and not write very long fic. (Or my favorite, post some gifs and a description of the fic they would write if they were sufficiently motivated and I'm like I WOULD ABUSE THAT SO BADLY IF I LET MYSELF DO IT, see also "If Smitty Could Vid.")

3) How do you decide what to reblog or not? Everything you think is cute/funny/cool? Because I find a LOT of things cute/funny/cool. I tried to sort of make a theme of reblogging adorable doodles but I haven't seen as many of them on my dashboard lately. And whenever someone posts a "Reblog this or else you don't love robots!" I pretend I don't see it, because the idea that people are judging me on whether I reblogged a specific thing or not really bugs me and then you don't know if I don't love robots or if I just didn't see it. When really, I love robots but I am naturally contrary. (Yes, Facebook often hurts my soul, why do you ask?)

Also if you reblog things I like, including but not limited to things about comic characters in any universe, any of the shows I listed yesterday, Inception, Lord of the Rings, Hunger Games, James Bond, kittens, ferrets, tiny pigs eating ice cream, animals in hoodies, or well, basically anything I've ever mentioned liking, let me know what your tumblr name is. I always need more glee in my life.

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2nd-Jan-2014 05:39 pm - 2/31
I am always telling [personal profile] reccea that I miss fandom and writing and talking about shows and movies, and once every few months I make a post and try to get some traction, but work or something just swallowed me up again. But I figured the best way to get back in was to do a little bit every day. So here I am.

I usually fail at New Year's resolutions before January runs out so I made some monthly resolutions. Scoop the litter box EVERY day (a happy cat means a happy Smitty), do a 20/10 once a day (my house isn't a pit or anything, but it's cluttered), and post to DW/LJ once a day. In February I'll try some new things.

I'm neither reading nor writing much right now but I'm watching Sleepy Hollow (I swore I wasn't, but it won me over), Almost Human (which was supposed to be [personal profile] reccea's Show of Love, but Dorian is totally outshining John Kennix in that one), 30 Rock (IDK, it's on Netflix, and there was a lot of it.) I watched Homeland and Masters of Sex, and I'm still watching Castle, HIMYM, 2 Broke Girls, The Big Bang Theory, The Mindy Project, Scandal, and Elementary. I'm really kind of behind on Arrow but I have every intention of fixing that shortly. And I've been slowly rewatching Doctor Who on Netflix in hopes of getting past series 4 this time. And of course I have the standard Fandom Mixed Feelings on Agents of SHIELD and Teen Wolf. Clearly I don't actually need any more tv but I've had a lot of free time lately and if you're watching something awesome, I'd be happy to put it on my list.

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1st-Jan-2014 11:14 pm - 1/31
Happy New Year!

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1st-Jun-2013 12:32 am - Star Trek 1x04: The Naked Time
Oh hey. They made another Trek movie so you get more Old Skool Trek Reviews.

reccea already reviewed this one. But I was a lazy bum that week so I'm doing it now and we will probably watch another one or two before I go off on vacation next week and fail to pick this up again. :P

Star Trek 1x04: The Naked TimeCollapse )

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21st-Mar-2013 03:41 pm - If Smitty Could Vid
Continuing the experiment to try to just get out and face the internet:

You know what I need in my life?

Step One: Mashup of The Script's Hall of Fame and AWOL Nation's Kill Your Heroes.

Step Two: An Avengers vid set to this mashup. Team, heavy on Hulk and Tony with the faceplate up, using a lot of footage of the post-attack idolatry for the Hall of Fame parts, and Tony and his Dad, Hulk and Bruce, Fury, and Steve looking pissed off for the Kill Your Heroes parts. And Clint and Natasha just because if anyone had to kill their heroes to get where they are, it's them. We just didn't get a movie about it.

Make it so, fandom. Make it so.

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20th-Mar-2013 10:42 am - Marvel War of Heroes
I...continue to fail horribly at fandom. Maybe baby steps?

Is anyone playing Marvel War of Heroes? (Admittedly not a super-useful link.) I am smittywing! If anyone wants to be teammates, drop me a line with your username and I'll invite you or invite me...I pretty much okay everyone. If you aren't playing and want to, let me know and I can get you an access code that'll give you a free Jean Grey card. In case you want to play as a busty redhead instead of Wolverine.

For a while there, my two highest ranking cards were War Machine and Maria Hill and I was all, "...Rhodey/Maria? That is oddly appealing, Y/Y?"

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27th-Nov-2012 02:34 pm - Fandom Flashback
Sooooo...I'm going to pretend I haven't failed out of fandom twice in the last couple years and just jump right in.

In honor of the Atari Flashback, which I am absolutely sure my dad needs for Christmas, actually showing up in mainstream Black Friday ads, and this morning spent reading old WsIP with [personal profile] reccea, I declare Fandom Flashback drabbles - prompt an ex-fandom of mine with a prompt or pairing or scene I left out of something, and I will write you a few lines.

Bonus points for things I fangirled when I was 13 and totally forgot I told you I wrote.

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30th-Jul-2012 11:48 pm - Not Dead Yet
Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated. In fact, I did manage to survive another year and since it's my birthday, I'm forgiving myself for being a slacker and trying to start posting again.

I am gainfully employed! I was hired as the office manager of the new office of this law firm which, at first, I thought involved loading paper in the copier and I wasn't too thrilled about, but apparently I'm like, everything - HR, Finance, IT some days, paralegal, etc. They sent out a bunch of people from "The Mothership" as we call the largest office and I've been hosting them and hiring people and assuaging attorney egos and all kinds of stuff. It's kind of fun, but I don't get much sleep. Or time for anything else.

That said, ZOMG Avengers. Everything I wanted and more. And DKR. Phenomenal. Way to work in random storylines, Nolan. We'll chat later.

In the meantime, everyone doing okay?

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31st-Jan-2012 11:18 am - State of the Smitty
Man, I haven't done one of these forever. I will try to be comprehensive without being boring.

Dying of the plague. I am on my second week of dying from what is probably just some little cold virus but managed to knock me on my ass for something like five days last week. I took two days off from work and I don't get paid if I don't go to work.

Job is still through the temp agency. There is talk of making me full-time with a significant raise but no one has officially said anything to me so I am sitting here being patient. The job they're most likely to offer me is going to be pretty administrative, though. Which isn't bad in abstract, but I sense that once they start cycling in 25-year-old law school grads, I'm going to get bitter and resentful. But for now I'm just going with the tides.

Also, I am currently Pepper Potts. Except my boss isn't a genius billionaire philanthropist superhero. He's just a lawyer with a lot of big ideas and no concept of other people's time, logistics, pre-planning, or rules. Which I guess does make him a little like Tony Stark. But he's halfway across the country today which gives me a modicum of breathing room. If he can remember which plane to get on tonight.

MacBookCollapse )
Nook TabletCollapse )
PhoneCollapse )

Just in sum, I have been catching up on How I Met Your Mother but am not yet current. I am still in the middle of season 3 of Fringe. I have forgotten to watch H50, NCIS:Gay, and the return of Burn Notice, but somehow I have not dropped New Girl or Glee yet. (Why, self, WHY?) Castle still entertains and I am enjoying Once Upon a Time and, of all things, Hart of Dixie and Pan Am. Other than that, WHEN is Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes coming back? I need my tiny adorable animated heroes.

*cough* Did I mention my S key was broken? And that I was sick? Yeah, I know, that's no excuse. The next part of Not Your Mother's Alma Mater is really not all that far off from being done. I just need to go make some decisions and actually get home from work and sit down and say, "I'm going to do this now." Which I'm really going to do someday. Soon. I promise.

So what's the state of ya'll?

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